UPEACE-HRC Customized Courses

The UPEACE-HRC is engaged in imparting education to students from all around the world on current global issues of human rights and its several linkages. Amongst the various courses that we conduct on the campus of UPEACE, the Center offers customized courses to students from other Universities around the world.

These customized courses are offered to cater to the educational needs of various Universities in order to provide their students with exposure to specialized discourse on the various linkages to human rights and international law. Course lengths can be shortened or extended to suit the convenience of the Universities, and additional components or themes can be incorporated into a course to cater to their requirements.

Customized courses are typically held on UPEACE campus for one, two or three weeks as desired. As part of the customized courses, Universities may also desire to have few lectures conducted by us at the scenic and pristine beach towns or the incredible rainforests of Costa Rica. UPEACE as an institution offers various advantages to students from other Universities by virtue of the rich and diverse international resident and visiting faculty present here, in addition to it being the only University mandated by the United Nations to offer graduate Masters Degrees. Students would have the opportunity to interact with a multi-cultural body of about 200 students from 60 countries.

Moreover, the presence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the UNHCR Regional Legal Unit for Americas and headquarters of the International Organization for Migration (IOM) offers a distinct advantage in terms of incorporating these experiences within the course structure. As such, these customized courses are dynamic in nature and depending on the needs of the Universities, include interactions with human rights practitioners, defenders and scholars, visits to the Inter-American Court of Human Rights and specialized lectures from the Lawyers appointed by the Court, attending the Court hearings when in session, specialized training from the Regional Legal Unit of the UNHCR etc.

Customized Courses and workshops are also offered to other Organizations, who seek to enhance the skills of their employees in issues concerning human rights or international law.

globalorlocalGlobal or Local as Desired

facetofaceFace-to-Face, Online or Hybrid

handsonandspecializedHands-on and Specialized

designedtobuildcapacitiesDesigned to Build Capacities

Contact us for inquiries about customized courses here, or write to us at hrc@upeace.org.